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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-May-2016A 32-Channel MCU-Based Feature Extraction and Classification for Scalable on-Node Spike SortingBarsakcioglu, DY; Constandinou, TG
20-Feb-2017A 4-wire interface SoC for shared multi-implant power transfer and full-duplex communicationGhoreishizadeh, S; Haci, D; Liu, Y; Constandinou, T
6-Feb-2017A 6-bit, two-step, successive approximation logarithmic ADC for biomedical applicationsSundarasaradula, Y; Constandinou, TG; Thanachayanont, A
31-Dec-2017A 64-Channel Versatile Neural Recording SoC with Activity Dependant Data ThroughputLiu, Y; Luan, S; Williams, I; Rapeaux, A; Constandinou, TG
23-May-2013A 890fJ/bit UWB transmitter for SOC integration in high bit-rate transcutaneous bio-implantsLeene, LB; Luan, S; Constandinou, TG
21-Jul-2017A 950 nW Analog-Based Data Reduction Chip for Wearable EEG Systems in EpilepsyRodriguez Villegas, E; Iranmanesh, S
17-Mar-2019A boost-full-bridge-type single-active-bridge isolated AC-DC converterLi, Y; Junyent Ferre, A; Judge, P
21-Feb-2016A Case for Work-Stealing on FPGAs with OpenCL AtomicsRamanathan, N; Wickerson, J; Winterstein, F; Constantinides, GA
28-May-2017A charge-based ultra-low power continuous-time ADC for data driven neural spike processingMaslik, M; Liu, Y; Lande, TS; Constandinou, TG
15-Mar-2014A charge-metering method for voltage-mode neural stimulationLuan, S; Constandinou, TG
1-Nov-2009A Class of Sparseness-Controlled Algorithms for Echo CancellationLoganathan, P; Khong, AWH; Naylor, PA
17-Oct-2018A clockless method of flicker noise suppression in continuous-time acquisition of biosignalsMaslik, M; Lande, TS; Constandinou, TG
19-May-2011A CMOS-Based ISFET Chemical Imager With Auto-Calibration CapabilityGoh, CZD; Georgiou, P; Constandinou, TG; Prodromakis, T; Toumazou, C
24-Aug-2016A CMOS-based neural implantable optrode for optogenetic stimulation and electrical recordingZhao, H; Dehkhoda, F; Ramezani, R; Sokolov, D; Constandinou, TG, et al
1-Sep-2018A compact modular multilevel DC-DC converter for high step-ratio MV and HV useXiang, X; Zhang, X; Luth, T; Merlin, M; Green, T
13-May-2016A compact targeted drug delivery mechanism for a next generation wireless capsule endoscopeWoods, S; Constandinou, TG
1-Jan-2013A Comparison of Non-Intrusive SNR Estimation Algorithms and the Use of Mapping FunctionsEaton, D; Brookes, DM; Naylor, PA
6-Dec-2016A Comprehensive Analysis and Control Strategy for Nullifying Negative-and Zero-Sequence Currents in an Unbalanced Three-Phase Power System Using Electric SpringsMok, KT; Ho, SS; Tan, SC; Hui, SYR
6-Jan-2016A comprehensive study of the delay vector variance method for quantification of nonlinearity in dynamical systemsJaksic, V; Mandic, DP; Ryan, K; Basu, B; Pakrashi, V
18-Jun-2018A computational model for embodied visual perspective taking: from physical movements to mental simulationFischer, T; Demiris, Y
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 1691
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