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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2018Bad data detection in the context of leverage point attacks in modern power networksMajumdar, A; Pal, BC; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
1-Nov-2018Privacy-aware smart metering progress and challengesGiaconi, G; Gunduz, D; Poor, HV; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
20-Nov-2018Privacy against a hypothesis testing adversaryLi, Z; Oechtering, TJ; Gunduz, D; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
1-May-2018Understanding the benefits of dynamic line rating under multiple sources of uncertaintyTeng, F; Dupin, R; Kariniotakis, G; Michiorri, A; Yanfei, C, et al
4-Dec-2018Rapid and sensitive detection of azole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus by tandem-repeat loop-mediated isothermal amplification.Yu, L-S; Rodriguez-Manzano, J; Malpartida-Cardenas, K; Sewell, T; Bader, O, et al
9-Oct-2018Prognostic accuracy of heart rate variability analysis in neonatal encephalopathy: a systematic reviewOliveira, V; Martins, R; Liow, N; Teiserskas, J; Von Rosenberg, W, et al
16-Aug-2018On perfect privacyRassouli, B; Gunduz, D; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E; Commission of the European Communities
14-May-2018KOCL: Kernel-level power estimation for arbitrary FPGA-SoC-accelerated OpenCL applicationsDavis, JJ; Levine, J; Stott, E; Hung, E; Cheung, P, et al
28-Oct-2018Run Fast When You Can: Loop Pipelining with Uncertain and Non-uniform Memory DependenciesLiu, J; Wickerson, J; Bayliss, S; Constantinides, GA; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E, et al
19-Apr-2018Self-assessment of surgical ward crisis management using video replay augmented with stress biofeedbackNormahani, P; Makwana, N; Von Rosenberg, W; Syed, S; Mandic, D, et al