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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2007From exploration to imitation: using learnt internal models to imitate othersDearden, A; Demiris, Y
30-Apr-2007Visuo-Cognitive Perspective Taking for Action RecognitionJohnson, M; Demiris, Y
30-Apr-2007Imitating the Groove: Making Drum Machines more HumanTidemann, A; Demiris, Y
31-Jul-2007Multi-agent Behaviour Segmentation via Spectral ClusteringTak√°cs, B; Butler, S; Demiris, Y
30-Apr-2007Learning models of camera control for imitation in football matchesDearden, A; Demiris, Y; Grau, O
2007Towards an Implantable Vestibular Prosthesis: The Surgical ChallengesConstandinou, T G; Georgiou, J; Doumanidis, C C; Toumazou, C
12-Sep-2007Hyperion - Next-Generation Battlespace Information ServicesGhanea-Hercock, R; Gelenbe, E; Jennings, NR; Smith, O; Allsopp, DN, et al
29-Aug-2007Modelling and Animation of Brittle Fracture in Three DimensionsKucukyilmaz, A
4-May-2007Prediction of intent in robotics and multi-agent systems.Demiris, Y
25-May-2007Efficient Robust Optimization for Robust Control with Constraints.Goulart, PJ; Kerrigan, EC; Ralph, D