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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2005Perceptual Perspective Taking and Action RecognitionJohnson, M,; Demiris, Y,; Kordic, V; Lazinica, A; Merdan, M
30-Sep-2005Perspective Taking Through SimulationJohnson,M.R.,; Demiris,Y.K.,
1-Jan-2005Learning Forward Models for RobotsDearden, A; Demiris, Y; Kaelbling, LP; Saffotti, A
31-Dec-2005Charge injection and trapping in silicon nanocrystalsRafiq, M A,; Tsuchiya, Y,; Mizuta, H,; Oda, S,; Uno, S,, et al
1-Jan-2005Compound Effects of Top-down and Bottom-up Influences on Visual Attention During Action RecognitionKhadhouri, B; Demiris, Y; Kaelbling, LP; Saffotti, A
1-Dec-2005An Animation System for Fracturing of Rigid Objects.Küçükyilmaz, A; Özgüç, B; Yolum, P; Güngör, T; Gürgen, FS, et al
31-Jul-2005Developmental acquisition of entrainment skills in robot swinging using van der Pol oscillatorsVeskos, P; Demiris, Y
31-Jul-2005From motor babbling to hierarchical learning by imitation: a robot developmental pathwayDemiris, Y; Dearden, A
30-Apr-2005Hierarchies of Coupled Inverse and Forward Models for Abstraction in Robot Action Planning, Recognition and ImitationJohnson, M; Demiris, Y
30-Sep-2005Robot Swinging Using van der Pol Nonlinear OscillatorsVeskos, P; Demiris, Y