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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2006Neuro-mechanical entrainment in a bipedal robotic walking platformVeskos,P.,; Demiris,Y.,; Kovacs, T; Marshall, JAR
1-Jan-2002Imitation as a dual-route process featuring predictive and learning components: a biologically plausible computational modelDemiris,Y.,; Hayes,G.,; Dautenhahn, K; Nehaniv, CL
31-Mar-2006Experimental comparison of the van der Pol and Rayleigh nonlinear oscillators for a robotic swinging taskVeskos,P.,; Demiris,Y.,; Kovacs, T; Marshall, JAR
31-Oct-2003Towards Robot Intermodal Matching Using Spiking NeuronsEneje,E.,; Demiris,Y.,; Billard, A; Siegwart, R
31-Mar-2006Active learning of probabilistic forward models in visuo-motor developmentDearden,A.,; Demiris,Y.,; Kovacs, T; Marshall, JAR