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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jan-2018Assessment of Future Whole-System Value of Large-Scale Pumped Storage Plants in EuropeTeng, F; Pudjianto, D; Aunedi, M; Strbac, G
1-May-2010Wide-area phasor power oscillation damping controller: a new approach to handling time-varying signal latencyChaudhuri, NR; Chaudhuri, B; Ray, S; Majumder, R
30-Apr-2007From exploration to imitation: using learnt internal models to imitate othersDearden, A; Demiris, Y
1-Jan-2010Towards One Shot Learning by Imitation for Humanoid RobotsWu, Y; Demiris, Y; Rakotondrabe, M; Ivan, IA
1-Jan-2010A High Throughput FPGA-Based Floating Point Conjugate Gradient Implementation for Dense MatricesRoldao, A; Constantinides, GA
31-Dec-2005Perceptual Perspective Taking and Action RecognitionJohnson, M,; Demiris, Y,; Kordic, V; Lazinica, A; Merdan, M
16-Jan-2014Energy-Efficient Probabilistic Area Coverage in Wireless Sensor NetworksYang, Q; He, S; Li, J; Chen, J; Sun, Y
1-Jul-2008Global asymptotic stabilization of the attitude and the angular rates of an underactuated non-symmetric rigid bodyCasagrande, D; Astolfi, A; Parisini, T
30-Sep-2005Perspective Taking Through SimulationJohnson,M.R.,; Demiris,Y.K.,
1-May-2010A New Approach to Continuous Latency Compensation With Adaptive Phasor Power Oscillation Damping Controller (POD)Chaudhuri, NR; Ray, S; Majumder, R; Chaudhuri, B