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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2019Deep joint source-channel coding for wireless image transmissionBourtsoulatze, E; Kurka, DB; Gunduz, D; Commission of the European Communities
13-Sep-2019Predicting quality of overnight glycaemic control in type 1 diabetes using binary classifiersGuemes, A; Cappon, G; Hernandez, B; Reddy, M; Oliver, N, et al
9-Oct-2018Prognostic accuracy of heart rate variability analysis in neonatal encephalopathy: a systematic reviewOliveira, V; Martins, R; Liow, N; Teiserskas, J; Von Rosenberg, W, et al
Aug-2019Context-based image acquisition from memory in digital systemsLiu, J; Bouganis, C; Cheung, PYK
Sep-2019Perturbation theory and singular perturbations for input-to-state multistable systems on manifoldsForni, P; Angeli, D
14-Mar-2019Full-wave modelling of terahertz frequency plasmons in two-dimensional electron systemsDawood, A; Wu, J; Wood, C; Li, L; Linfield, E, et al
19-Jan-2020Persistency semantics of the Intel-x86 architectureRaad, A; Wickerson, J; Neiger, G; Vafeiadis, V; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
12-Oct-2018Fast turnaround fabrication of silicon point-contact quantum-dot transistors using combined thermal scanning probe lithography and laser writing.Rawlings, CD; Ryu, YK; Rüegg, M; Lassaline, N; Schwemmer, C, et al