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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-1995Resistance bi-stability in resonant tunnelling diode pillar arraysAlphenaar, BW; Durrani, ZAK; Herbele, AP; Wagner, M
1-Aug-2010Field-Effect Transistors Using Silicon Nanowires Prepared by Electroless Chemical EtchingZaremba-Tymieniecki, M; Li, C; Fobelets, K; Durrani, ZAK
1-Apr-2009Electronic transport in silicon nanocrystals and nanochainsDurrani, ZAK; Rafiq, MA
1-Mar-2008Room temperature single electron charging in single silicon nanochainsRafiq, MA; Durrani, ZAK; Mizuta, H; Colli, A; Servati, P, et al
7-Mar-2011Schottky-barrier lowering in silicon nanowire field-effect transistors prepared by metal-assisted chemical etchingZaremba-Tymieniecki, M; Durrani, ZAK
15-Dec-2008Field-dependant hopping conduction in silicon nanocrystal filmsRafiq, MA; Durrani, ZAK; Mizuta, H; Hassan, MM; Oda, S
31-Dec-2000A high-speed silicon based few-electron memory with metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor gain elementIrvine, AC; Durrani, ZAK; Ahmed, H
31-Dec-1999A memory cell with single-electron and metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor integrationDurrani, ZAK; Irvine, AC; Ahmed, H; Nakazato, K
31-Dec-1998Single-electron effects in heavily doped polycrystalline silicon nanowiresIrvine, AC; Durrani, ZAK; Ahmed, H; Biesemans, S
1-May-2011Estimation of Rotor Position and Speed of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors With Guaranteed StabilityOrtega, R; Praly, L; Astolfi, A; Lee, J; Nam, K