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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Feb-2008A d.c. magnetic metamaterialMagnus, F; Wood, B; Moore, J; Morrison, K; Perkins, G, et al
30-Apr-2007Imitating the Groove: Making Drum Machines more HumanTidemann, A; Demiris, Y
31-Jul-2007Multi-agent Behaviour Segmentation via Spectral ClusteringTak√°cs, B; Butler, S; Demiris, Y
31-Dec-2004A nano-power tuneable edge-detection circuitConstandinou, TG; Georgiou, J; Toumazou, C
1-Jan-2008Homogeneous approximation, recursive observer design, and output feedbackAndrieu, V; Praly, L; Astolfi, A
1-Sep-2008Random neural networks with synchronized interactionsGelenbe, E; Timotheou, S
1-Jan-2005Learning Forward Models for RobotsDearden, A; Demiris, Y; Kaelbling, LP; Saffotti, A
1-Dec-2008Invariant Manifold Based Reduced-Order Observer Design for Nonlinear SystemsKaragiannis, D; Carnevale, D; Astolfi, A
1-Dec-2009Self-tuning flexible ac transmission system controllers for power oscillation damping: a case study in real timeDomahidi, A; Chaudhuri, B; Korba, P; Majumder, R; Green, TC
1-Jan-2002Imitation as a dual-route process featuring predictive and learning components: a biologically plausible computational modelDemiris,Y.,; Hayes,G.,; Dautenhahn, K; Nehaniv, CL