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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2009Equalization of Multichannel Acoustic Systems in Oversampled SubbandsGaubitch, ND; Naylor, PA
31-May-2006Hierarchical attentive multiple models for execution and recognition of actionsDemiris, Y; Khadhouri, B
30-Apr-2007Visuo-Cognitive Perspective Taking for Action RecognitionJohnson, M; Demiris, Y
1-May-2009Analysis of Single and Networked AuctionsGelenbe, E
1-Mar-2009Combining Data Reuse With Data-Level Parallelization for FPGA-Targeted Hardware Compilation: A Geometric Programming FrameworkLiu, Q; Constantinides, GA; Masselos, K; Cheung, PYK
31-May-2006Neuro-mechanical entrainment in a bipedal robotic walking platformVeskos,P.,; Demiris,Y.,; Kovacs, T; Marshall, JAR
31-Dec-2006Hopping conduction in size-controlled Si nanocrystalsRafiq, M A,; Tsuchiya, Y,; Mizuta, H,; Oda, S,; Uno, S,, et al
31-Dec-2003Room temperature nanocrystalline silicon single-electron transistorsTan, Y T,; Kamiya, T,; Durrani, Z,; Ahmed, H,
1-Oct-2009Advances in the development of a virtual car driverThommyppillai, M; Evangelou, S; Sharp, RS
31-Dec-2001Electrical and structural properties of solid phase crystallized polycrystalline silicon and their correlation to single-electron effectsTan, Y T,; Durrani, Z,; Ahmed, H,