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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2009The Quaternion LMS Algorithm for Adaptive Filtering of Hypercomplex ProcessesTook, CC; Mandic, DP
31-Jan-2009Oscillations in I/O Monotone Systems Under Negative FeedbackAngeli, D; Sontag, ED
3-Dec-2009Anomaly detection in gene expression via stochastic models of gene regulatory networksKim, H; Gelenbe, E
13-Jan-2009Compressive Sensing DNA MicroarraysDai, W; Sheikh, MA; Milenkovic, O; Baraniuk, RG
1-Apr-2009Rolling Rod Electrostatic MicrogeneratorKiziroglou, ME; He, C; Yeatman, EM
1-Dec-2009Outage Capacity of Incremental Relaying at Low Signal-to-Noise RatiosRenk, T; Jaekel, H; Jondral, FK; Gunduz, D; Goldsmith, A
15-Sep-2009The brian simulatorGoodman, DF; Brette, R
9-Apr-2009Using Visual Attention to Evaluate Collaborative Control Architectures for Human Robot InteractionCarlson, T; Demiris, Y; Dautenhahn, K
25-Mar-2009Lifelong robot-assisted mobility: models, tools, and challengesDemiris, Y; Carlson, T
31-Aug-2009An improved fast transient response low dropout voltage regulatorAbbasi,