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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Feb-2015Lower-Order $H_\infty$ Filter Design for Bilinear Systems with Bounded InputsAbraham, E; Kerrigan, EC
20-Feb-2008Input-to-state stability of robust receding horizon control with an expected value costGoulart, PJ; Kerrigan, EC
25-May-2007Efficient Robust Optimization for Robust Control with Constraints.Goulart, PJ; Kerrigan, EC; Ralph, D
6-Jun-2016Optimization Framework for Codesign of Controlled Aerodynamic SystemsLee, KW; Moase, W; Ooi, A; Manzie, C; Kerrigan, EC
27-Jun-2014Co-design of Hardware and Algorithms for Real-time OptimizationKerrigan, EC
1-Apr-2013Optimal Active Control and Optimization of a Wave Energy ConverterAbraham, E; Kerrigan, EC
23-Feb-2015Aerodynamic load control in horizontal axis wind turbines with combined aeroelastic tailoring and trailing-edge flapsNg, BF; Palacios, R; Kerrigan, EC; Graham, JMR; Hesse, H
9-Jul-2017Nonlinear predictive control on a heterogeneous computing platformKhusainov, B; Kerrigan, EC; Suardi, A; Constantinides, GA; Commission of the European Communities
28-Aug-2014Embedded online optimization for model predictive control at megahertz rates.Jerez, J; Goulart, P; Richter, S; Constantinides, GA; Kerrigan, EC, et al
29-Jun-2017Nonlinear model-predictive integrated missile control and Its multiobjective TuningBachtiar, V; Manzie, C; Kerrigan, EC