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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2016Linear Transmission of Composite Gaussian Measurements over a Fading Channel under Delay ConstraintsTan, O; Gunduz, D; Gomez-Vilardebo, J
26-Oct-2015Throughput and Delay Analysis in Video Streaming over Block-Fading ChannelsCocco, G; Gunduz, D; Ibars Casas, C
11-Aug-2016Centralized coded caching for heterogeneous lossy requestsYang, Q; Gunduz, D
11-Aug-2016On lossy transmission of correlated sources over a multiple access channelGuler, B; Gunduz, D; Yener, A
11-Aug-2016Energy-distortion tradeoff for the gaussian broadcast channel with feedbackMurin, Y; Kaspi, Y; Dabora, R; Gunduz, D
21-May-2017Cache-aided data delivery over erasure broadcast channelsMohammadi Amiri, M; Gunduz, D
6-Mar-2017Decentralized coded caching with distinct cache capacitiesMohammadi Amiri, M; Yang; Gunduz, D
21-May-2017Audience retention rate aware coded video cachingYang, Q; Mohammadi Amiri; Gunduz, D
6-Feb-2017Non-orthogonal unicast and broadcast transmission via joint beamforming and LDM in cellular networksZhao, J; Simeone; Gunduz, D; Gomez-Barquero
31-Jan-2008Joint Source-Channel Codes for MIMO Block Fading ChannelsGunduz, D; Erkip, E