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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-May-2016Continuous-time micropower interface for neural recording applicationsElia, M; Leene, L; Constandinou, TG
21-Oct-2011An Extended CMOS ISFET Model Incorporating the Physical Design Geometry and the Effects on Performance and Offset VariationLiu, Y; Georgiou, P; Prodromakis, T; Constandinou, TG; Toumazou, C
24-Oct-2015A scalable 32 channel neural recording and real-time FPGA based spike sorting systemWilliams, I; Luan, S; Jackson, A; Constandinou, TG
24-Aug-2016Functional neuroimaging Using UWB Impulse Radar: a feasibility studyLauteslager, T; Nicolaou, N; Lande, TS; Constandinou, TG
24-Aug-2016A CMOS-based neural implantable optrode for optogenetic stimulation and electrical recordingZhao, H; Dehkhoda, F; Ramezani, R; Sokolov, D; Constandinou, TG, et al
31-Dec-2004Towards a bio-inspired mixed-signal retinal processorConstandinou, TG; Georgiou, J; Toumazou, C
11-Dec-2003Nano-power mixed-signal tunable edge-detection circuit for pixel-level processing in next generation vision systemsConstandinou, TG; Georgiou, J; Toumazou, C
31-May-2016A nonlinear causality estimator based on Non-Parametric Multiplicative RegressionNicolaou, N; Constandinou, TG
30-Apr-2013Feature Extraction using First and Second Derivative Extrema (FSDE), for Real-time and Hardware-Efficient Spike SortingParaskevopoulou, SE; Barsakcioglu, D; Saberi, M; Eftekhar, A; Constandinou, TG
1-Apr-2013Wireless Capsule Endoscope for Targeted Drug Delivery: Mechanics and Design ConsiderationsWoods, SP; Constandinou, TG