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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Nov-2008Brian: a simulator for spiking neural networks in pythonGoodman, D; Brette, R
15-Sep-2009The brian simulatorGoodman, DF; Brette, R
1-Aug-2009Canonical Correlation Analysis of Video Volume Tensors for Action Categorization and DetectionKim, T-K; Cipolla, R
31-Dec-2000A high-speed silicon based few-electron memory with metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor gain elementIrvine, AC; Durrani, ZAK; Ahmed, H
1-Mar-2008Room temperature single electron charging in single silicon nanochainsRafiq, MA; Durrani, ZAK; Mizuta, H; Colli, A; Servati, P, et al
15-Dec-2008Field-dependant hopping conduction in silicon nanocrystal filmsRafiq, MA; Durrani, ZAK; Mizuta, H; Hassan, MM; Oda, S
1-Apr-2009Electronic transport in silicon nanocrystals and nanochainsDurrani, ZAK; Rafiq, MA
31-Dec-2005Perceptual Perspective Taking and Action RecognitionJohnson, M,; Demiris, Y,
31-Dec-2004Towards a bio-inspired mixed-signal retinal processorConstandinou, TG; Georgiou, J; Toumazou, C
1-Jul-2008Global asymptotic stabilization of the attitude and the angular rates of an underactuated non-symmetric rigid bodyCasagrande, D; Astolfi, A; Parisini, T