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12-Jun-2003Monolithic micropower amplifier using SiGe n-MODFET deviceVilches, A; Fobelets, K; Michelakis, K; Despotopoulos, S; Papavassiliou, C, et al
1-Jul-2004Analogue micropower FET techniques reviewVilches, A; Loga, R; Michelakis, K; Fobelets, K; Papavasiliou, C, et al
15-Mar-2004SiGe virtual substrate HMOS transistor for analogue applicationsMichelakis, K; Despotopoulos, S; Gaspari, V; Vilches, A; Fobelets, K, et al
1-Jul-2008A monolithic (Si) massively broadband non-reverberant monopoleVilches, A; Michelakis, K; Hand, J; Toumazou, C
1-Aug-2004Buried-channel SiGe HMODFET device potential for micropower applicationsVilches, A; Michelakis, K; Fobelets, K; Haigh, D; Papavassiliou, C, et al
1-Apr-2005SiGe HMOSFET monolithic inverting current mirrorMichelakis, K; Despotopoulos, S; Papavassiliou, C; Vilches, A; Fobelets, K, et al
1-Jun-2004SiGe HMODFET "KAIST" micropower model and amplifier realizationVilches, A; Fobelets, K; Michelakis, K; Despotopoulos, S; Papavassiliou, C, et al
1-Apr-2010Cost-effective fabrication of nanoscale electrode memristors with reproducible electrical responseMichelakis, K; Prodromakis, T; Toumazou, C
1-Aug-2004Average drift mobility and apparent sheet-electron density profiles in strained-Si-SiGe buried-channel depletion-mode n-MOSFETsMichelakis, K; Vilches, A; Papavassiliou, C; Despotopoulos, S; Fobelets, K, et al
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