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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2006A micropower vision processor for parallel object positioning and sizingConstandinou, TG; Toumazou, C
12-Jun-2003Monolithic micropower amplifier using SiGe n-MODFET deviceVilches, A; Fobelets, K; Michelakis, K; Despotopoulos, S; Papavassiliou, C, et al
1-Jan-2007Spiking Chemical Sensor (SCS): A new platform for neuro-chemical sensingGeorgiou P; Triantis I F; Constandinou T G; Toumazou C
31-Dec-2004Towards a bio-inspired mixed-signal retinal processorConstandinou, TG; Georgiou, J; Toumazou, C
31-Dec-2003Stepper Motors Uncovered (2)Constandinou, T G
1-Jan-2009An Auto-Offset-Removal circuit for chemical sensing based on the PG-ISFETLiu, Y; Georgiou, P; Constandinou, T G; Garner, D; Toumazou, C
11-Dec-2003Nano-power mixed-signal tunable edge-detection circuit for pixel-level processing in next generation vision systemsConstandinou, TG; Georgiou, J; Toumazou, C
31-Dec-2001SiGe HMOSFET Differential PairMichelakis,K.; Despotopoulos,S.; Badcock,S.G.; Papavassiliou,C.; O'Neill,A.G., et al
6-Nov-2008A Micropower Arcsine Circuit for Tilt ProcessingConstandinou, T G; Georgiou, J
1-Jun-2008A Partial-Current-Steering Biphasic Stimulation Driver for Vestibular ProsthesesConstandinou, T G; Georgiou, J; Toumazou, C