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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2008The private finance initiative, project form and design innovation - The UK's hospitals programmeBarlow, J; Koberle-Gaiser, M
1-Dec-2008The impact of accelerator processors for high-throughput molecular modeling and simulationGiupponi, G; Harvey, MJ; De Fabritiis, G
Sep-2007Developing an integrated institutional repository at Imperial College London.Afshari, F; Jones, R
27-Aug-2015Standards-based curation of a decade-old digital repository dataset of molecular information.Rzepa, HS; Harvey, MJ; Mason, NJ; McLean, A
1-Jul-2018Molecular phenomics and metagenomics of hepatic steatosis in non-diabetic obese womenHoyles, L; Fernández-Real, JM; Federici, M; Serino, M; Abbott, J, et al
23-Oct-2018Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaicsAbu Hamed, T; Adamovic, N; Aeberhard, U; Alonso-Alvarez, D; Amin-Akhlaghi, Z, et al
13-Aug-2014How modular structure can simplify tasks on networks: a parameterizing graph optimization by fast local community detectionBui-Xuan, B-M; Jones, NS
27-Jun-2012Building the UK Research Reserve: Using Coordinated De-duplication to Create a Collaborative Print Journal CollectionBrown, CD
1-Jan-2014The Houk-List transition states for organocatalytic mechanisms revisitedArmstrong, A; Boto, RA; Dingwall, P; Contreras-Garcia, J; Harvey, MJ, et al
8-Aug-2015Standards-based metadata procedures for retrieving data for display or mining utilizing persistent (data-DOI) identifiersHarvey, MJ; Mason, NJ; McLean, A; Rzepa, HS