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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Mar-2015A standardised, holistic framework for concept-map analysis combining topological attributes and global morphologiesBuhmann, SY; Kingsbury, M
26-Feb-2016Acetaminophen administration in pediatric age: an observational prospective cross-sectional studyLubrano, R; Paoli, S; Bonci, M; Di Ruzza, L; Cecchetti, C, et al
5-Jun-2017Semiclassics, Goldstone bosons and CFT dataMonin, A; Pirtskhalava, D; Rattazzi, R; Seibold, FK
19-Apr-2016Large non-gaussianity in slow-roll inflationPirtskhalava, D; Santoni, L; Trincherini, E; Vernizzi, F
20-Oct-2016Circadian rhythms have significant effects on leaf-to-canopy scale gas exchange under field conditionsResco de Dios, V; Gessler, A; Pedro Ferrio, J; Alday, JG; Bahn, M, et al
21-Dec-2015Optimal rate of convergence for stochastic Burgers-type equationsHairer, M; Matetski, K
24-Jul-2017Topological cell clustering in the ATLAS calorimeters and its performance in LHC Run 1Aad, G; Abbott, B; Abdallah, J; Abdinov, O; Aben, R, et al
1-Jun-2016Spectral characterization of mechanically synthesized MoO3-CuO nanocompositeSundeep, D; Krishna, AG; Ravikumar, RVSSN; Kumar, TV; Ephraim, SD, et al
2-Sep-2017Renal ultrasound provides low utility in evaluating cardiac surgery associated acute kidney injuryYoung, A; Crawford, T; Pierre, AS; Magruder, JT; Fraser, C, et al
8-Aug-2015Standards-based metadata procedures for retrieving data for display or mining utilizing persistent (data-DOI) identifiersHarvey, MJ; Mason, NJ; McLean, A; Rzepa, HS