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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2015Research Data Management 'Green Shoots' Pilot Programme, Final ReportsMcardle, I; Fare, C; Bearpark, M; Thomas, G; Butcher, S, et al
13-Feb-2017Library Search UX report summer 2016Larose, K; Mackenzie, S; Preater, A; Barron, S
31-Oct-2018First particle-by-particle measurement of emittance in the Muon Ionization Cooling ExperimentCollaboration, TMICE; Adams, D; Adey, D; Asfandiyarov, R; Barber, G, et al
Sep-2007Developing an integrated institutional repository at Imperial College London.Afshari, F; Jones, R
9-Jun-2016Let’s Talk : Interoperability between University CRIS/IR and Researchfish – a case study from the UKMcArdle, IJ; Clements, A; Reddick, G; Viney, I; McCutcheon, V, et al
31-Oct-2012Snowball Metrics Recipe Book - Their Application in the United KingdomMcArdle, IJ; Conway, S; Green, JT; Colledge, L; Brownridge, K, et al
13-Aug-2014How modular structure can simplify tasks on networks: a parameterizing graph optimization by fast local community detectionBui-Xuan, B-M; Jones, NS
6-Feb-2015Imperial College London ORCID projectReimer, TF
10-Oct-2017A strongly selected mutation in the HIV-1 genome is independent of T cell responses and neutralizing antibodiesLiu, D; Wang, C; Hora, B; Zuo, T; Goonetilleke, N, et al
17-Jan-2010Virtual Research Environment Collaborative Landscape StudyReimer, TF; Carusi, A