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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jan-2016Epigenetic associations of type 2 diabetes and BMI in an Arab populationAl Muftah, WA; Al-Shafai, M; Zaghlool, SB; Visconti, A; Tsai, P-C, et al
22-Nov-2016Mendelian inheritance of trimodal CpG methylation sites suggests distal cis-acting genetic effectsZaghlool, SB; Al-Shafai, M; Al Muftah, WA; Kumar, P; Gieger, C, et al
16-Feb-2016Computational pathology of pre-treatment biopsies identifies lymphocyte density as a predictor of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancerAli, HR; Dariush, A; Provenzano, E; Bardwell, H; Abraham, JE, et al
22-Dec-2016Barriers to Treatment for Female Problem Gamblers: A UK PerspectiveKaufman, A; Nielsen, JDJ; Bowden-Jones, H
5-Jan-2017The chinese version of achilles tendon total rupture score: cross-cultural adaptation, reliability and validityCui, J; Jia, Z; Zhi, X; Li, X; Zhai, X, et al
26-Aug-2016Association of knee pain and different definitions of knee osteoarthritis with health-related quality of life: a population-based cohort study in southern SwedenKiadaliri, AA; Lamm, CJ; De Verdier, MG; Engstrom, G; Turkiewicz, A, et al
26-Feb-2016Acetaminophen administration in pediatric age: an observational prospective cross-sectional studyLubrano, R; Paoli, S; Bonci, M; Di Ruzza, L; Cecchetti, C, et al
5-Aug-2016Short-term test-retest-reliability of conditioned pain modulation using the cold-heat-pain method in healthy subjects and its correlation to parameters of standardized quantitative sensory testingGehling, J; Mainka, T; Vollert, J; Pogatzki-Zahn, EM; Maier, C, et al
4-Jun-2016Factors associated with high heterogeneity of malaria at fine spatial scale in the Western Kenyan highlandsBaidjoe, AY; Stevenson, J; Knight, P; Stone, W; Stresman, G, et al
1-Mar-2016Spanish version of SPADI (shoulder pain and disability index) in musculoskeletal shoulder pain: a new 10-items version after confirmatory factor analysisLuque-Suarez, A; Rondon-Ramos, A; Fernandez-Sanchez, M; Roach, KE; Miguel Morales-Asencio, J