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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-2017A framework for the investigation of pleiotropy in two-sample summary data Mendelian randomizationBowden, J; Del Greco M, F; Minelli, C; Davey Smith, G; Sheehan, N, et al
11-Mar-2010A meta-analysis of genome-wide data from five European isolates reveals an association of COL22A1, SYT1, and GABRR2with serum creatinine levelPattaro, C; De Grandi, A; Vitart, V; Hayward, C; Franke, A, et al
7-Feb-2013A meta-analysis of thyroid-related traits reveals novel loci and gender-specific differences in the regulation of thyroid functionPorcu, E; Medici, M; Pistis, G; Volpato, CB; Wilson, SG, et al
25-Jun-2015A Traditional Diet Is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Eczema and Wheeze in Colombian Children.Cepeda, AM; Del Giacco, SR; Villalba, S; Tapias, E; Jaller, R, et al
31-Dec-2014Adult lung function and long-term air pollution exposure. ESCAPE: a multicentre cohort study and meta-analysisAdam, M; Schikowski, T; Carsin, AE; Cai, Y; Jacquemin, B, et al
31-Jan-2013Age- and sex-related variations in platelet count in Italy: a proposal of reference ranges based on 40987 subjects' dataBiino, G; Santimone, I; Minelli, C; Sorice, R; Frongia, B, et al
24-Feb-2015Ambient Air Pollution and Adult Asthma Incidence in Six European Cohorts (ESCAPE)Jacquemin, B; Siroux, V; Sanchez, M; Carsin, AE; Schikowski, T, et al
29-Dec-2015Are primary care factors associated with hospital episodes for adverse drug reactions? A national observational study.McKay, AJ; Newson, R; Soljak, M; Riboli, E; Car, J, et al
30-Mar-2016Are welders more at risk of respiratory infections? Findings from a cross-sectional survey and analysis of medical records in shipyard workers: the WELSHIP projectMarongiu, A; Hasan, O; Ali, A; Bakhsh, S; George, B, et al
11-Sep-2016Assessing the suitability of summary data for two-sample Mendelian randomization analyses using MR-Egger regression: the role of the I2I2 statisticBowden, J; Del Greco M, F; Minelli, C; Davey Smith, G; Sheehan, NA, et al
2-Feb-2016Association of Forced Vital Capacity with the Developmental Gene NCOR2Minelli, C; Dean, CH; Hind, M; Couto Alves, A; Amaral, AFS, et al
19-Jan-2016Asthma and dietary intake: an overview of systematic reviewsGarcia Larsen, V; Del Giacco, SR; Moreira, A; Bonini, M; Charles, D, et al
2-Jul-2007Attila Lorincz: Nucleic acid testing for human disease, 2006Fisher, MC
24-May-2016Bayesian analysis of censored response data in family-based genetic association studiesDel Greco M, F; Pattaro, C; Minelli, C; Thompson, JR
1-Feb-2010A Bayesian approach to quantifying the effects of mass poultry vaccination upon the spatial and temporal dynamics of H5N1 in Northern Vietnam.Walker, PG; Cauchemez, S; M├ętras, R; Dung, DOH; Pfeiffer, D, et al
1-Nov-2015Bayesian hierarchical model for joint estimation of SNP effects with integration of prior biological knowledgePereira, M; Thompson, JR; Weichenberger, CX; Minelli, C
23-Jul-2013Cardiac index and oxygen delivery during low and high tidal volume ventilation strategies in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome: a crossover randomized clinical trialNatalini, G; Minelli, C; Rosano, A; Ferretti, P; Militano, CR, et al
18-Dec-2014Cardiovascular risk factors and ventilatory function: a cross-sectional study in young adultsGarcia-Larsen, V; Bustos, P; Amigo, H; Potts, JF; Rona, RJ
1-Jan-2010Causes and consequences of psychological distress among orphans in eastern Zimbabwe.Nyamukapa, CA; Gregson, S; Wambe, M; Mushore, P; Lopman, B, et al
1-Nov-2008Cerebral blood flow thresholds for cerebral ischemia in traumatic brain injury. A systematic reviewBotteri, M; Bandera, E; Minelli, C; Latronico, N
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 134
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