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29-Sep-2011A Small Molecule Mimicking a Phosphatidylinositol (4,5)-Bisphosphate Binding Pleckstrin Homology DomainMak, LH; Georgiades, SN; Rosivatz, E; Whyte, GF; Mirabelli, M, et al
11-Oct-2017A transparent 3D printed device for assembling droplet hydrogel bilayers (DHBs)De Bruin, A; Friddin, MS; Elani, Y; Brooks, N; Law, R, et al
8-May-2017A tri-functional vanadium(IV) complex to detect cysteine oxidationCilibrizzi, A; Fedorova, M; Collins, J; Leatherbarrow, R; Woscholski, R, et al
7-Jan-2011A Two-step Mechanism for the Folding of Actin by the Yeast Cytosolic ChaperoninStuart, SF; Leatherbarrow, RJ; Willison, KR
28-Mar-2018A “cleanroom-free” and scalable manufacturing technology for the microfluidic generation of lipid-stabilized droplets and cell-sized multisomesTrantidou, T; Regoutz, A; Voon, X; Payne, D; Ces, O, et al
20-Jul-2015Acoustic suppression of the coffee-ring effectMampallil, D; Reboud, J; Wilson, R; Wylie, D; Klug, DR, et al
21-Apr-2011Activity-based profiling for drug discoverySerwa, R; Tate, EW
5-Dec-2012Acute manipulation of diacylglycerol reveals roles in nuclear envelope assembly & endoplasmic reticulum morphologyDomart, M-C; Hobday, TMC; Peddie, CJ; Chung, GHC; Wang, A, et al
1-Jul-2019Acylation-coupled lipophilic induction of polarisation (Acyl-cLIP): a universal assay for lipid transferase and hydrolase enzymesTate, E; Lanyon-Hogg, T; Ritzefeld, M; Sefer, L; Bickel, JK, et al
23-Jul-2018Allostery and cooperativity in multimeric proteins: bond-to-bond propensities in ATCaseHodges, M; Barahona, M; Yaliraki, S; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
6-May-2014Amphiphilic drug interactions with model cellular membranes are influenced by lipid chain-melting temperature.Casey, D; Charalambous, K; Gee, A; Law, RV; Ces, O
14-Nov-2018Amphiphilic-DNA platform for the design of crystalline frameworks with programmable structure and functionalityBrady, RA; Brooks, NJ; Foderà, V; Cicuta, P; Di Michele, L, et al
7-Feb-2019An intracellular calcium frequency code model extended to the Riemann zeta functionWillison, K
14-May-2019An octahedral cobalt(III) complex with axial NH3 ligands that templates and selectively stabilises G-quadruplex DNAVilar, R; Ruehl, CL; Lim, AHM; Kench, T; Mann, DJ
6-Sep-2017Analysis and imaging of biocidal agrochemicals using ToF-SIMSConverso, V; Fearn, S; Ware, E; McPhail, DS; Flemming, A, et al
1-Jan-2008Anion templates in synthesis and dynamic combinatorial librariesVilar, R; Vilar, R
3-Oct-2015Aptamer-conjugated, fluorescent gold nanorods as potential cancer theradiagnostic agentsGallina, ME; Zhou, Y; Johnson, CJ; Harris-Birtill, D; Singh, M, et al
4-Jun-2017Artificial cell mimics as simplified models for the study of cell biologySalehi-Reyhani, A; Ces, O; Elani, Y; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
15-Jul-2012Arylstibonic acids are potent and isoform-selective inhibitors of Cdc25a and Cdc25b phosphatasesMak, LH; Knott, J; Scott, KA; Scott, C; Whyte, GF, et al
25-Aug-2015Assessment of Parylene C Thin Films for Heart Valve Tissue EngineeringMarei, I; Chester, A; Carubelli, I; Prodromakis, T; Trantidou, T, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 321