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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2012Oxygen plasma induced hydrophilicity of Parylene-C thin filmsTrantidou, T; Prodromakis, T; Toumazou, C
8-Jun-2015Biorealistic cardiac cell culture platforms with integrated monitoring of extracellular action potentialsTrantidou, T; Terracciano, CM; Kontziampasis, D; Humphrey, EJ; Prodromakis, T
1-Sep-2013The dual role of Parylene C in chemical sensing: Acting as an encapsulant and as a sensing membrane for pH monitoring applicationsTrantidou, T; Payne, DJ; Tsiligkiridis, V; Chang, Y-C; Toumazou, C, et al
24-Jul-2015Surface and Electrical Characterization of Ag/AgCl Pseudo-Reference Electrodes Manufactured with Commercially Available PCB TechnologiesMoschou, D; Trantidou, T; Regoutz, A; Carta, D; Morgan, H, et al
14-Mar-2018Constructing vesicle-based artificial cells with embedded living cells as organelle-like modulesElani, Y; Trantidou, T; Wylie, D; Dekker, L; Polizzi, K, et al
28-Mar-2018A “cleanroom-free” and scalable manufacturing technology for the microfluidic generation of lipid-stabilized droplets and cell-sized multisomesTrantidou, T; Regoutz, A; Voon, X; Payne, D; Ces, O
28-Jun-2017Engineering compartmentalized biomimetic micro- and nanocontainersTrantidou, T; Friddin, M; Elani, Y; Brooks, NJ; Law, RV, et al
3-Jun-2013Sensing H+ with conventional neural probesTrantidou, T; Prodromakis, T; Tsiligkiridis, V; Chang, YC; Toumazou, C
28-Mar-2016Surface chemistry and microtopography of Parylene C films control the morphology and microtubule density of cardiac myocytes.Trantidou, T; Humphrey, EJ; Poulet, C; Gorelik, J; Prodromakis, T, et al
6-Oct-2018Functionalizing cell-mimetic giant vesicles with encapsulated bacterial biosensorsTrantidou, T; Dekker, L; Polizzi, K; Ces, O; Elani, Y