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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2017Microfluidic mobility shift assay for real-time analysis of peptide n-palmitoylationLanyon-Hogg, T; Patel, NV; Ritzefeld, M; Boxall, KJ; Burke, R, et al
19-Jul-2016Direct targeting of the Ras GTPase superfamily through structure-based designZhao, W; Jamshidiha, M; Lanyon-Hogg, T; Recchi, C; Cota, E, et al
3-Jan-2017Conformational transition of FGFR kinase activation revealed by site-specific unnatural amino acid reporter and single molecule FRETPerdios, L; Lowe, AR; Saladino, G; Bunney, TD; Thiyagarajan, N, et al
22-Jan-2019AWZ1066S, a highly specific anti-Wolbachia drug candidate for a short-course treatment of filariasisHong, WD; Benayoud, F; Nixon, GL; Ford, L; Johnston, KL, et al
25-Oct-2016Quantitative Chemical Proteomic Profiling of Ubiquitin Specific Proteases in Intact Cancer CellsWard, JA; McLellan, L; Stockley, M; Gibson, KR; Whitlock, GA, et al
30-Jan-2017Mouse Stbd1 is N-myristoylated and affects ER-mitochondria association and mitochondrial morphologyDemetriadou, A; Morales-Sanfrutos, J; Nearchou, M; Baba, O; Kyriacou, K, et al
1-Sep-2012Targeting N-myristoyl transferase-1 in cancer using peptide microarraysThinon, E; Mann, D; Tate, EW
25-Oct-2012Design and Synthesis of Inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum N-Myristoyltransferase, A Promising Target for Antimalarial Drug DiscoveryYu, Z; Brannigan, JA; Moss, DK; Brzozowski, AM; Wilkinson, AJ, et al
1-Oct-2015The Legionella pneumophila effector LpdA is a palmitoylated phospholipase D virulence factorSchroeder, GN; Frankel, G; Tate, EW; Aurass, P; Oates, CV, et al
1-Jan-2012Multifunctional protein labeling via enzymatic N-terminal tagging and elaboration by click chemistryHeal, WP; Wright, MH; Thinon, E; Tate, EW