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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2016Peroxisome protein import: a complex journeyBaker, A; Hogg, TL; Warriner, SL
1-Sep-2015Click chemistry armed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to measure palmitoylation by hedgehog acyltransferaseLanyon-Hogg, T; Masumoto, N; Bodakh, G; Konitsiotis, AD; Thinon, E, et al
15-Aug-2016Correction: Peroxisome protein import: a complex journey.Baker, A; Lanyon-Hogg, T; Warriner, SL
24-Dec-2015Optimised conditions for the synthesis of 17O and 18O labelled cholesterolArregui, CDLC; Purdie, JA; Haslam, CA; Law, RV; Sanderson, JM
1-Aug-2014New vanadium complexes as optical probes to detect Cys sulfenic modifications in PTENCilibrizzi, A; Collins, J; Woscholski, R; Leatherbarrow, R; Vilar, R
29-Jan-2016Covalent Label Transfer between Peroxisomal Importomer Components Reveals Export-driven Import Interactions.Bhogal, MS; Lanyon-Hogg, T; Johnston, KA; Warriner, SL; Baker, A
1-Sep-2012Targeting N-myristoyl transferase-1 in cancer using peptide microarraysThinon, E; Mann, D; Tate, EW
8-May-2015The Plasmodium Class XIV Myosin, MyoB, Has a Distinct Subcellular Location in Invasive and Motile Stages of the Malaria Parasite and an Unusual Light ChainYusuf, NA; Green, JL; Wall, RJ; Knuepfer, E; Moon, RW, et al
2-Dec-2014Crystal Structure of the Human, FIC-Domain Containing Protein HYPE and Implications for Its FunctionsBunney, TD; Cole, AR; Broncel, M; Esposito, D; Tate, EW, et al
1-Oct-2014(Undefined)Douse, CH; Maas, SJ; Thomas, JC; Garnett, JA; Sun, Y, et al