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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2016The Parasol Protocol for computational mutagenesisAronica, PG; Verma, C; Popovic, B; Leatherbarrow, RJ; Gould, IR
15-Oct-2016Evaluation of a minimally invasive glucose biosensor for continuous tissue monitoringSharma, S; Huang, Z; Rogers, M; Boutelle, M; Cass, AEG
29-Jan-2016Covalent Label Transfer between Peroxisomal Importomer Components Reveals Export-driven Import Interactions.Bhogal, MS; Lanyon-Hogg, T; Johnston, KA; Warriner, SL; Baker, A
1-Oct-2015The Legionella pneumophila effector LpdA is a palmitoylated phospholipase D virulence factorSchroeder, GN; Frankel, G; Tate, EW; Aurass, P; Oates, CV, et al
30-Oct-2016Structure and function of PspA and Vipp1 N-terminal peptides: Insights into the membrane stress sensing and mitigationBuck, M; Mcdonald, C; Jovanovic, G; Wallace, BA; Ces, O
7-Jun-2016N-Myristoyltransferase Inhibition Induces ER-Stress, Cell Cycle Arrest, and Apoptosis in Cancer CellsThinon, E; Morales Sanfrutos, J; Mann, D; Tate, EW
28-Oct-2015OCRL1 engages with the F-BAR protein pacsin 2 to promote biogenesis of membrane-trafficking intermediatesBillcliff, PG; Noakes, CJ; Mehta, ZB; Yan, G; Mak, L, et al
25-Oct-2016Quantitative Chemical Proteomic Profiling of Ubiquitin Specific Proteases in Intact Cancer CellsWard, JA; McLellan, L; Stockley, M; Gibson, KR; Whitlock, GA, et al
30-Jan-2017Mouse Stbd1 is N-myristoylated and affects ER-mitochondria association and mitochondrial morphologyDemetriadou, A; Morales-Sanfrutos, J; Nearchou, M; Baba, O; Kyriacou, K, et al
4-Oct-2016Measuring the viscosity of the Escherichia coli plasma membrane using molecular rotorsKuimova, MK; Mika, JT; Thompson, AJ; Dent, MR; Brooks, NJ, et al