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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009Photophysical properties and intracellular imaging of water-soluble porphyrin dimers for two-photon excited photodynamic therapyKuimova, MK; Collins, HA; Balaz, M; Dahlstedt, E; Levitt, JA, et al
1-Jan-2009One- and two-photon activated phototoxicity of conjugated porphyrin dimers with high two-photon absorption cross sectionsDahlstedt, E; Collins, HA; Balaz, M; Kuimova, MK; Khurana, M, et al
1-Jul-2008Blood-vessel closure using photosensitizers engineered for two-photon excitationCollins, HA; Khurana, M; Moriyama, EH; Mariampillai, A; Dahlstedt, E, et al
9-Jul-2009Membrane-Bound Molecular Rotors Measure Viscosity in Live Cells via Fluorescence Lifetime ImagingLevitt, JA; Kuimova, MK; Yahioglu, G; Chung, P-H; Suhling, K, et al
3-Jul-2006Microclusters of inhibitory killer immunoglobulin like receptor signaling at natural killer cell immunological synapsesTreanor, B; Lanigan, PMP; Kumar, S; Dunsby, C; Munro, I, et al
1-Jan-2004Time-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging applied to biological tissueElson, D; Requejo-Isidro, J; Munro, I; Reavell, F; Siegel, J, et al