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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2007CASSCF calculations for photoinduced processes in large molecules: Choosing when to use the RASSCF, ONIOM and MMVB approximationsBearpark, MJ; Ogliaro, F; Vreven, T; Boggio-Pasqua, M; Frisch, MJ, et al
31-Dec-2007Ab Initio Surface Thermodynamics in Multi Component EnvironmentBailey, CL; Wander, A; Mukhopadhyay, S; Searle, BG; Harrison, NM
9-Aug-2007Tert-butylamidinate tin(ii) complexes: high activity, single-site initiators for the controlled production of polylactide.Nimitsiriwat, N; Gibson, VC; Marshall, EL; White, AJ; Dale, SH, et al
1-Dec-2007Density functional study of the electronic and vibrational properties of TiOClPisani, L; Valenti, R; Montanari, B; Harrison, NM
1-Jun-2007Novel zinc-based fixative for high quality DNA, RNA and protein analysisLykidis, D; Van Noorden, S; Armstrong, A; Spencer-Dene, B; Li, J, et al
1-Mar-2007CRYSTAL06Dovesi, R; Saunders, VR; Roetti, C; Orlando, R; Zicovich-Wilson, CM, et al