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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2016Extended conjugated microporous polymers for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from waterSprick, RS; Bonillo, B; Sachs, M; Clowes, R; Durrant, JR, et al
23-Nov-2018Understanding structure-activity relationships in linear polymer photocatalysts for hydrogen evolutionSachs, M; Sprick, RS; Pearce, D; Hillman, SAJ; Monti, A, et al
14-Jun-2019Effect of oxygen deficiency on the excited state kinetics of WO3 and implications for photocatalysisSachs, M; Park, JS; Pastor, E; Kafizas, A; Wilson, AA, et al
27-Nov-2019Impact of oxygen vacancy occupancy on charge carrier dynamics in BiVO4 photoanodesSelim, S; Pastor, E; García-Tecedor, M; Morris, MR; Francas, L, et al
1-Sep-2019Current understanding and challenges of solar-driven hydrogen generation using polymeric photocatalystsWang, Y; Vogel, A; Sachs, M; Sprick, RS; Wilbraham, L, et al
26-Aug-2016Evaluation of Surface State Mediated Charge Recombination in Anatase and Rutile TiO2Sachs, M; Pastor, E; Kafizas, A; Durrant, JR; , et al
5-Dec-2018The effect of residual palladium catalyst contamination on the photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity of conjugated polymersKosco, J; Sachs, M; Godin, R; Kirkus, M; Francas, L, et al
19-Sep-2019Charge separation, band-bending, and recombination in WO3 photoanodesCorby, S; Pastor, E; Dong, Y; Zheng, X; Francàs, L, et al
28-Nov-2018Water oxidation and electron extraction kinetics in nanostructured tungsten trioxide photoanodesCorby, S; Francàs, L; Selim, S; Sachs, M; Blackman, C, et al