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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Oct-2018Understanding the visible-light photocatalytic activity of GaN:ZnO solid solution: the role of Rh2-yCryO3 cocatalyst and charge carrier lifetimes over tens of secondsGodin, R; Hisatomi, T; Domen, K; Durrant, JR
15-Jan-2018Tuning charge carrier dynamics and surface passivation in organolead halide perovskites with capping ligands and metal oxide interfacesGodin, R; Ma, X; González-Carrero, S; Du, T; Li, X, et al
1-Sep-2019Current understanding and challenges of solar-driven hydrogen generation using polymeric photocatalystsWang, Y; Vogel, A; Sachs, M; Sprick, RS; Wilbraham, L, et al
17-Mar-2017Tuning CH 3 NH 3 Pb(I 1-x Br x ) 3 Perovskite Oxygen Stability in Thin Films and Solar CellsPont, S; Bryant, D; Lin, CH; Aristidou, N; Wheeler, S, et al
30-May-2017Electron transfer dynamics in fuel producing photosystemsGodin, R; Kafizas, A; Durrant, JR;
23-Jun-2016Solar-Driven Reduction of Aqueous Protons Coupled to Selective Alcohol Oxidation with a Carbon Nitride-Molecular Ni Catalyst SystemKasap, H; Caputo, CA; Martindale, BCM; Godin, R; Lau, VW-H, et al
5-Dec-2018The effect of residual palladium catalyst contamination on the photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity of conjugated polymersKosco, J; Sachs, M; Godin, R; Kirkus, M; Francas, L, et al
14-Dec-2018Excitation density dependent photoluminescence quenching and charge transfer efficiencies in hybrid perovskite/organic semiconductor bilayersKim, J; Godin, R; Dimitrov, SD; Du, T; Bryant, D, et al
17-Jul-2019Electron accumulation induces efficiency bottleneck for hydrogen production in carbon nitride photocatalystsYang, W; Godin, R; Kasap, H; Moss, B; Dong, Y, et al