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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2015OCRL1 engages with the F-BAR protein pacsin 2 to promote biogenesis of membrane-trafficking intermediatesBillcliff, PG; Noakes, CJ; Mehta, ZB; Yan, G; Mak, L, et al
1-Jan-2010Hydroamination reactions by metal triflates: Bronsted acid vs. metal catalysis?Taylor, JG; Adrio, LA; Hii, KKM
1-Jan-2011Hydrostatic pressure effects on a hydrated lipid inverse micellar Fd3m cubic phaseTyler, AII; Shearman, GC; Brooks, NJ; Delacroix, H; Law, RV, et al
1-Apr-2010The effect of the ionic liquid anion in the pretreatment of pine wood chipsBrandt, A; Hallett, JP; Leak, DJ; Murphy, RJ; Welton, T
8-Oct-2014Oxygen insertion into metal carbon bonds: formation of methylperoxo Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes via photogenerated dinuclear intermediatesPetersen, AR; Taylor, RA; Vicente-Hernandez, I; Mallender, PR; Olley, H, et al
14-Apr-2010Total Synthesis of the Lycorenine-Type Amaryllidaceae Alkaloid (+/-)-Clivonine via a Biomimetic Ring-Switch from a Lycorine-Type ProgenitorManas, CG; Paddock, VL; Bochet, CG; Spivey, AC; White, AJP, et al
1-Jan-2010Total synthesis of (+/-)-aspercyclide A and its C19 methyl etherCarr, JL; Offermann, DA; Holdom, MD; Dusart, P; White, AJP, et al
8-Apr-2009Parameters Influencing the Efficiency of Electron Injection in Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsKoops, SE; O'Regan, BC; Barnes, PRF; Durrant, JR
19-Dec-2016How mobile are dye adsorbates and acetonitrile molecules on the surface of TiO2 nanoparticles? A quasi-elastic neutron scattering studyBarnes, PRF; Vaissier, V; Garcia Sakai,, V; Li, X; Cabral, J, et al
1-Jan-2010Ultrafast dynamics through conical intersections and intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution in styreneNunn, ADG; Minns, RS; Spesyvtsev, R; Bearpark, MJ; Robb, MA, et al