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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Aug-2018Rapid pretreatment of Miscanthus using the low-cost ionic liquid triethylammonium hydrogen sulfate at elevated temperaturesGschwend, FJV; Brandt-Talbot, A; Malaret, FJ; Shinde, S; Hallett, JP, et al
1-Aug-2018Ammonium [11C]thiocyanate: revised preparation and reactivity studies of a versatile nucleophile for carbon-11 radiolabellingHaywood, T; Cesarec, S; Kealey, S; Plisson, C; Miller, P, et al
8-Aug-2018Elucidating the origins of sub-gap tail states and open-circuit voltage in methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite solar cellsDu, T; Kim, J; Ngiam, J; Xu, S; Barnes, P, et al
9-May-2019High-mobility, trap-free charge transport in conjugated polymer diodesNikolka, M; Broch, K; Armitage, J; Hanifi, D; Nowack, PJ, et al
1-Jun-2018Towards Accurate Simulation of Two-Dimensional Electronic SpectroscopySegarra-Marti, J; Mukamel, S; Garavelli, M; Nenov, A; Rivalta, I
14-Jul-2018A case of extensive protein platination: the reaction of lysozyme with a Pt(ii)-terpyridine complexFerraro, G; Marzo, T; Infrasca, T; Cilibrizzi, A; Vilar, R, et al
1-Jan-2019Nanoscale tweezers for single cell biopsiesPaulose Nadappuram, B; Cadinu, P; Barik, A; Ainscough, A; Devine, M, et al
-Spatially resolved oxygen reaction, water, and temperature distribution: Experimental results as a function of flow field and implications for polymer electrolyte fuel cell operationLopes, T; Beruski, O; Manthanwar, A; Korkischko, I; Pugliesi, R, et al
-Selective hydrodefluorination of hexafluoropropene to industrially relevant hydrofluoroolefinsPhillips, N; White, A; Crimmin, M; Commission of the European Communities
2-May-2019Reversible insertion of CO into an aluminium-carbon bondKong, RY; Crimmin, MR; The Royal Society; Commission of the European Communities