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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009Electronic structure of III-V’s semiconductors from B3LYP and PBE0 functionalsTomic, S; Harrison, NM; Caldas MJ, Studart N
25-Aug-2015Rapid three dimensional two photon neural population scanningSchuck, R; Quicke, P; Hwang, JK; Annecchino, L; Schultz, SR, et al
7-May-2013A hybrid-exchange density functional study of Ca-doped LaMnO3Korotana, R; Mallia, G; Gercsi, Z; Harrison, NM
2-Feb-2018Probing synaptic amyloid-beta aggregation promoted by copper releaseTahirbegi, B; Magness, AJ; Boillat, A; Willison, KR; Klug, DR, et al
-Cell-free expression and electrophysiological measurements of the KcsA channel with interdroplet bilayersFriddin, MS; Smithers, N; Lee, T; Morgan, H; De Planque, M
20-Aug-2016ICEC0942, an orally bioavailable selective inhibitor of CDK7 for breast cancerAli, S; Patel, H; Periyasamy, M; Bondke, A; Slafer, BW, et al
1-Jan-2010Extracellular oxygen concentration mapping with confocal multiphoton laser scanning microscope and TCSPC cardHosny, NA; Lee, DA; Knight, MM; Periasamy A, So PTC, Konig K
2-Feb-2016Chemical cross talk studies on a microprobe array based continuous glucose monitoring sensorSharma, S; El-Laboudi, A; Oliver, N; Johnston, DJ; Cass, AEG, et al
4-Mar-2014Quantitative sensing of microviscosity in protocells and amyloid materials using fluorescence lifetime imaging of molecular rotorsThompson, AJ; Tang, T-YD; Herling, TW; Hak, CRC; Mann, S, et al
24-Jun-2018Pseudo-ductile failure mechanism introduced into finger jointed thermoplastic PES interleaved CFRCAnthony, DB; Bacarreza Nogales, O; Shaffer, M; Bismarck, A; Robinson, P, et al