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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Oct-2016Periphery-functionalized porous organic cagesReiss, PS; Little, MA; Santolini, V; Chong, SY; Hasell, T, et al
29-Oct-2015HBF4 Catalysed Nucleophilic Substitutions of Propargylic AlcoholsBarreiro, EB; Sanz Vidal, ASV; Tan, ET; Lau, SHL; Sheppard, TS, et al
16-Jan-2019WO3/BiVO4: impact of charge separation at the timescale of water oxidationSelim, S; Francàs, L; García-Tecedor, M; Corby, S; Blackman, C, et al
5-Jan-2018A computational exploration of the crystal energy and charge-carrier mobility landscapes of the chiral [6]helicene moleculeRice, B; LeBlanc, LM; Otero-de-la-Roza, A; Fuchter, MJ; Johnson, ER, et al
18-Jul-2018Reversible coordination of N<inf>2</inf>and H<inf>2</inf>to a homoleptic: S = 1/2 Fe(i) diphosphine complex in solution and the solid stateDoyle, LR; Scott, DJ; Hill, PJ; Fraser, DAX; Myers, WK, et al
21-Feb-2019Heteromultimetallic compounds based on polyfunctional carboxylate linkersJantan, KA; McArdle, J; Mognon, L; Fiorini, V; Wilkinson, LA, et al
4-Jan-2019Synthesis of 3,3-Diarylazetidines by calcium(II)-catalyzed Friedel–Crafts reaction of Azetidinols with unexpected Cbz enhanced reactivityDenis, C; Dubois, M; Voisin-Chiret, AS; Bureau, R; Choi, C, et al
28-Nov-2018Water oxidation and electron extraction kinetics in nanostructured tungsten trioxide photoanodesCorby, S; Francàs, L; Selim, S; Sachs, M; Blackman, C, et al
29-Jan-2018Control of Geminate Recombination by the Material Composition and Processing Conditions in Novel Polymer: Nonfullerene Acceptor Photovoltaic Devices.Zhang, J; Gu, Q; Do, TT; Rundel, K; Sonar, P, et al
10-Jul-2017Designing effective ‘frustrated Lewis pair’ hydrogenation catalystsScott, DJ; Fuchter, MJ; Ashley, AE; The Royal Society; The Royal Society, et al