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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Heat transfer in protein-water interfacesLervik, A; Bresme, F; Kjelstrup, S; Bedeaux, D; Rubi, JM
1-Jan-2010Electronic structure computations of Newton Black FilmsBresme, F; Artacho, E
14-Oct-2010Properties of alkali-halide salt solutions about polarizable nanoparticle solutes for different ion modelsWynveen, A; Bresme, F
1-Aug-2008Computer simulations and thermodynamics of anisotropic nanoparticles at fluid interfacesBresme, F
11-Jul-2008Water polarization under thermal gradientsBresme, F; Lervik, A; Bedeaux, D; Kjelstrup, S
1-Aug-2008Intrinsic structure of hydrophobic surfaces: The oil-water interfaceBresme, F; Chacon, E; Tarazona, P; Tay, K
15-Oct-2015Electrotunable friction with ionic liquid lubricants: How important is the molecular structure of the ions?Fajardo, OY; Bresme, F; Kornyshev, AA; Urbakh, M
7-Jun-2009Solvent-mediated interactions between nanoparticles at fluid interfacesBresme, F; Lehle, H; Oettel, M
1-Jan-2009Heat transfer in soft nanoscale interfaces: the influence of interface curvatureLervik, A; Bresme, F; Kjelstrup, S
21-Jul-2015A computer simulation approach to quantify the true area and true area compressibility modulus of biological membranesChacon, E; Tarazona, P; Bresme, F; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)