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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2009Longitudinal unzipping of carbon nanotubes to form graphene nanoribbons.Kosynkin, DV; Higginbotham, AL; Sinitskii, A; Lomeda, JR; Dimiev, A, et al
1-Aug-2008Intrinsic structure of hydrophobic surfaces: The oil-water interfaceBresme, F; Chacon, E; Tarazona, P; Tay, K
1-Jul-2008Progress and challenges in commercialization of organic electronicsLoo, Y-L; McCulloch, I
1-Sep-2009Stability of the ferromagnetic state in a mixed sp(2)-sp(3) carbon systemPisani, L; Montanari, B; Harrison, NM
1-Jan-2009Photophysical properties and intracellular imaging of water-soluble porphyrin dimers for two-photon excited photodynamic therapyKuimova, MK; Collins, HA; Balaz, M; Dahlstedt, E; Levitt, JA, et al
28-Dec-2009Distinguishing Chain Growth Mechanisms in Metal-catalyzed Olefin Oligomerization and Polymerization Systems: C2H4/C2D4 Co-oligomerization/Polymerization Experiments Using Chromium, Iron, and Cobalt CatalystsTomov, AK; Gibson, VC; Britovsek, GJP; Long, RJ; van Meurs, M, et al
1-Jan-2009Unusual regiodivergence in metal-catalysed intramolecular cyclisation of gamma-allenolsArbour, JL; Rzepa, HS; White, AJP; Hii, KKM
1-Jul-2009Synthetic studies on amphidinolides C and F: synthesis of the C18-C29 segment of amphidinolide FArmstrong, A; Pyrkotis, C
6-Jun-2009Oxidative rearrangement of 2-alkoxy-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrans: stereocontrolled synthesis of 4,5-cis-disubstituted tetrahydrofuranones including whisky and cognac lactones and crobarbatic acidArmstrong, A; Ashraff, C; Chung, H; Murtagh, L
28-Jul-2009Mechanically Assisted Exfoliation and Functionalization of Thermally Converted Graphene SheetsJin, Z; Lomeda, JR; Price, BK; Lu, W; Zhu, Y, et al