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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-2006Cooperativity in ionic liquidsKossmann, S; Thar, J; Kirchner, B; Hunt, PA; Welton, T
12-Dec-2009Copper-catalysed intramolecular O-H addition to unactivated alkenesAdrio, LA; Quek, LS; Taylor, JG; Hii, KKM
1-Jan-2008N-myristoyl transferase-mediated protein labelling in vivoHeal, WP; Wickramasinghe, SR; Leatherbarrow, RJ; Tate, EW
10-Jan-2009Delineating ligand effects in intramolecular aryl amidation reactions: formation of a novel spiro-heterocycle by a tandem cyclisation processCropper, EL; Yuen, A-P; Ford, A; White, AJP; Hii, KKM
11-Jul-2008Water polarization under thermal gradientsBresme, F; Lervik, A; Bedeaux, D; Kjelstrup, S
1-Feb-2009Density functional study of the magnetic coupling in V(TCNE)(2)De Fusco, GC; Pisani, L; Montanari, B; Harrison, NM
19-Mar-2008Arginine52 controls the photoisomerization process in photoactive yellow proteinGroenhof, G; Schaefer, LV; Boggio-Pasqua, M; Grubmueller, H; Robb, MA
1-Feb-2008New algorithms for optimizing and linking conical intersection pointsSicilia, F; Blancafort, L; Bearpark, MJ; Robb, MA
1-Apr-2008Catalyst stability determines the catalytic activity of non-heme iron catalysts in the oxidation of alkanesEngland, J; Davies, CR; Banaru, M; White, AJP; Britovsek, GJP
15-Feb-2008Calculating the coverage of saturated and sub-saturated layers of carbon monoxide adsorbed onto platinumOffer, GJ; Kucernak, AR