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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009Toxicity of Copper(I)-NHC Complexes Against Human Tumor Cells: Induction of Cell Cycle Arrest, Apoptosis, and DNA CleavageTeyssot, M-L; Jarrousse, A-S; Chevry, A; De Haze, A; Beaudoin, C, et al
1-Dec-2007Density functional study of the electronic and vibrational properties of TiOClPisani, L; Valenti, R; Montanari, B; Harrison, NM
1-Nov-2009A Coherent Mechanistic Rationale for Additive Effects and Autoinductive Behaviour in Proline-Mediated ReactionsZotova, N; Moran, A; Armstrong, A; Blackmond, DG
1-Jan-2008Chemical and biomimetic total syntheses of natural and engineered MCoTI cyclotidesThongyoo, P; Roque-Rosell, N; Leatherbarrow, RJ; Tate, EW
29-Dec-2008Absorption characteristics of a quantum dot array induced intermediate band: Implications for solar cell designTomic, S; Jones, TS; Harrison, NM
1-Jul-2005Kinetics and mechanism of the interconversion of inverse bicontinuous cubic mesophases.Squires, AM; Templer, RH; Seddon, JM; Woenkhaus, J; Winter, R, et al
31-Oct-2008Three-Layer ONIOM Studies of the Dark State of Rhodopsin: The Protonation State of Glu181Hall, KF; Vreven, T; Frisch, MJ; Bearpark, MJ
17-Jul-2009Constrained beta-Proline Analogues in Organocatalytic Aldol Reactions: The Influence of Acid GeometryArmstrong, A; Bhonoah, Y; White, AJP
7-Jun-2009Solvent-mediated interactions between nanoparticles at fluid interfacesBresme, F; Lehle, H; Oettel, M
20-Mar-2009High-Performance Polymer-Small Molecule Blend Organic TransistorsHamilton, R; Smith, J; Ogier, S; Heeney, M; Anthony, JE, et al