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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-2017Rheological Droplet Interface Bilayers (rheo-DIBs): Probing the Unstirred Water Layer Effect on Membrane Permeability via Spinning Disk Induced Shear StressBarlow, NE; Bolognesi, G; Haylock, S; Flemming, AJ; Brooks, NJ, et al
26-Sep-2018Micropatterning of planar metal electrodes by vacuum filling microfluidic channel geometriesChatzimichail, S; Supramaniam, P; Ces, O; Salehi-Reyhani, S; Rasponi, M
7-Mar-2019New directions for artificial cells using rapid prototyped biosystemsFriddin, MS; Elani, Y; Trantidou, T; Ces, O; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
1-Jan-2015Temperature and pressure tuneable swollen bicontinuous cubic phases approaching nature's length scales.Barriga, HM; Tyler, AI; McCarthy, NL; Parsons, ES; Ces, O, et al
6-Jul-2015The Influence of high pressure on the bending rigidity of model membranesPurushothaman, S; Cicuta, P; Ces, O; Brooks, NJ
26-Oct-2014Microfluidic generation of networked droplet collections and lipid membrane constructsElani, Y; Law, R; Ces, O
10-Nov-2016Light-activated control of protein channel assembly mediated by membrane mechanicsMiller, DM; Findlay, HE; Ces, O; Templer, RH; Booth, PJ
6-Oct-2014Microfluidic generation of droplet interface bilayer networks incorporating real-time size sorting in linear and non-linear configurationsCarreras, P; Law, RV; Brooks, N; Seddon, JM; Ces, O
6-May-2014Amphiphilic drug interactions with model cellular membranes are influenced by lipid chain-melting temperature.Casey, D; Charalambous, K; Gee, A; Law, RV; Ces, O
14-Mar-2015Structural studies of the lamellar to bicontinuous gyroid cubic (Q(II)(G)) phase transitions under limited hydration conditionsTang, T-YD; Brooks, NJ; Ces, O; Seddon, JM; Templer, RH