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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Ligand effect and control of E- and Z-selectivity in the silver-catalyzed synthesis of 4-bromooxazolinesWong, VHL; White, AJP; Hor, TSA; Hii, KK
7-Jul-2014Metal-Size Influence in Iso-Selective Lactide PolymerizationBakewell, C; White, AJP; Long, NJ; Williams, CK
5-Oct-2016Epimeric Face-Selective Oxidations and Diastereodivergent Transannular Oxonium Ion Formation Fragmentations: Computational Modeling and Total Syntheses of 12-Epoxyobtusallene IV, 12-Epoxyobtusallene II, Obtusallene X, Marilzabicycloallene C, and Marilzabicycloallene DBraddock, DC; Rzepa, HS; Clarke, J; Bonney, KJ; Yaqoob, M, et al
30-Aug-2016Stable bromoallene oxidesBraddock, DC; Mahtey, A; Rzepa, HS; White, AJP
1-Jan-2011The tuning of the energy levels of dibenzosilole copolymers and applications in organic electronicsKeyworth, CW; Chan, KL; Labram, JG; Anthopoulos, TD; Watkins, SE, et al
6-May-2011Benzotrithiophene - A Planar, Electron-Rich Building Block for Organic SemiconductorsNielsen, CB; Fraser, JM; Schroeder, BC; Du, J; White, AJP, et al
1-Jan-2011Total synthesis of the Amaryllidaceae alkaloid clivonineHaning, H; Giro-Manas, C; Paddock, VL; Bochet, CG; White, AJP, et al
1-Apr-2008Catalyst stability determines the catalytic activity of non-heme iron catalysts in the oxidation of alkanesEngland, J; Davies, CR; Banaru, M; White, AJP; Britovsek, GJP
10-Jan-2009Delineating ligand effects in intramolecular aryl amidation reactions: formation of a novel spiro-heterocycle by a tandem cyclisation processCropper, EL; Yuen, A-P; Ford, A; White, AJP; Hii, KKM
1-Jan-2009Unusual regiodivergence in metal-catalysed intramolecular cyclisation of gamma-allenolsArbour, JL; Rzepa, HS; White, AJP; Hii, KKM