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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Nov-2017Siloxane-based linkers in the construction of hydrogen bonded assemblies and porous 3D MOFsDavies, RP; Delmas, L; Horton, PN; White, AJP; Coles, SJ, et al
14-May-2018Preparation and characterisation of heterobimetallic copper-tungsten hydride complexes.Hicken, A; White, AJP; Crimmin, MR
28-May-2018Reactions of Fluoroalkenes with an Aluminium(I) Complex.Bakewell, C; White, AJP; Crimmin, MR
14-Sep-2017Mild sp2Carbon-Oxygen Bond Activation by an Isolable Ruthenium(II) bis(Dinitrogen) Complex: Experiment and TheoryCrimmin, MR; Lau, S; Ward, B; White, AJP; Macgregor, SA, et al
4-Oct-2017Selective Reduction of CO2 to a Formate Equivalent with Heterobimetallic Gold---Copper Hydride Complexes.Crimmin, MR; Hicken, A; White, AJP; The Royal Society; The Leverhulme Trust
2-Oct-2017Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Fluorine and Carbon-Hydrogen Bond Alumination of Fluoroarenes and HeteroarenesChen, W; Hooper, TN; Ng, J; White, AJP; Crimmin, MR
1-Jan-2013A metal-amide dependent, catalytic C-H functionalisation of triphenylphosphonium methylideNako, AE; White, AJP; Crimmin, MR
26-Nov-2012Functionalized Organocuprates: Structures of Lithium and Magnesium Grignard 2-MethoxyphenylcupratesBomparola, R; Davies, RP; Lal, S; White, AJP
26-Jun-2012Air-Stable and High-Mobility n-Channel Organic Transistors Based on Small-Molecule/Polymer Semiconducting BlendsZhong, H; Smith, J; Rossbauer, S; White, AJP; Anthopoulos, TD, et al
1-Jan-2012Novel H-2 activation by a tris[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]borane frustrated Lewis pairHerrington, TJ; Thom, AJW; White, AJP; Ashley, AE