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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-May-2011Benzotrithiophene - A Planar, Electron-Rich Building Block for Organic SemiconductorsNielsen, CB; Fraser, JM; Schroeder, BC; Du, J; White, AJP, et al
30-Nov-2016Functionalised Biferrocene Systems towards Molecular ElectronicsWilson, LE; Hassenrueck, C; Winter, RF; White, AJP; Albrecht, T, et al
1-Oct-2010Structural Diversity in Metal-Organic Frameworks Built from Rigid Tetrahedral [Si(p-C6H4CO2)(4)](4-) StrutsDavies, RP; Less, R; Lickiss, PD; Robertson, K; White, AJP
14-Aug-2010Catalytic enantioselective alkene epoxidation using novel spirocyclic N-carbethoxy-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octanonesArmstrong, A; Bettati, M; White, AJP
17-May-2010Facile Synthesis of Bis(dichalcogenophosphinate)s and a Remarkable [Li-8(OH)(6)](2+) PolyhedronDavies, RP; Martinelli, MG; Patel, L; White, AJP
1-Jan-2010Understanding siloxane functionalised ionic liquidsNiedermeyer, H; Ab Rani, MA; Lickiss, PD; Hallett, JP; Welton, T, et al
1-Jan-2010Coordination chemistry of amide-functionalised tetraazamacrocycles: structural, relaxometric and cytotoxicity studiesMartinelli, J; Balali-Mood, B; Panizzo, R; Lythgoe, MF; White, AJP, et al
8-Oct-2014Oxygen insertion into metal carbon bonds: formation of methylperoxo Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes via photogenerated dinuclear intermediatesPetersen, AR; Taylor, RA; Vicente-Hernandez, I; Mallender, PR; Olley, H, et al
14-Apr-2010Total Synthesis of the Lycorenine-Type Amaryllidaceae Alkaloid (+/-)-Clivonine via a Biomimetic Ring-Switch from a Lycorine-Type ProgenitorManas, CG; Paddock, VL; Bochet, CG; Spivey, AC; White, AJP, et al
1-Jan-2010Total synthesis of (+/-)-aspercyclide A and its C19 methyl etherCarr, JL; Offermann, DA; Holdom, MD; Dusart, P; White, AJP, et al