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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Dec-2014Composition as a means to control morphology and properties of epoxy based dual-phase structural electrolytesShirshova, N; Bismarck, A; Greenhalgh, ES; Johansson, P; Kalinka, G, et al
4-Sep-2017Trajectory of the Selective Dissolution of Charged Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesBuckley, DJ; Hodge, SA; De Marco, M; Hu, S; Anthony, DB, et al
16-Jun-2017Thermochemical functionalisation of graphenes with minimal framework damageHu, S; Laker, ZPL; Leese, HS; Rubio, N; De Marco, M, et al
22-May-2018Multimetallic microparticles increase the potency of rifampicin against intracellular mycobacterium tuberculosis.Ellis, T; Chiappi, M; GarcĂ­a-Trenco, A; Al-Ejji, M; Sarkar, S, et al
22-Aug-2018Charged carbon nanomaterials: the redox chemistries of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and graphenesShaffer, MSP; Clancy, A; Skipper, N; Howard, C; Bayazit, MK, et al
1-Jan-2012Scalable Method for the Reductive Dissolution, Purification, and Separation of Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesFogden, S; Howard, CA; Heenan, RK; Skipper, NT; Shaffer, MSP
1-Jan-2011Mapping local microstructure and mechanical performance around carbon nanotube grafted silica fibres: Methodologies for hierarchical compositesQian, H; Kalinka, G; Chan, KLA; Kazarian, SG; Greenhalgh, ES, et al
22-Jul-2014Optimised exfoliation conditions enhance isolation and solubility of grafted graphenes from graphite intercalation compoundsShaffer, MSP; Morishita, T; Clancy, AJ
5-Jan-2015Dual-Mechanism Antimicrobial Polymer-ZnO Nanoparticle and Crystal Violet-Encapsulated SiliconeNoimark, S; Weiner, J; Noor, N; Allan, E; Williams, CK, et al
12-Aug-2014Diamond Rings or Dumbbells: Controlling the Structure of Poly(ethylene glycol)-Fullerene [60] Adducts by Varying Linking Chain LengthYau, HC; Bayazit, MK; Steinke, JHG; Shaffer, MSP