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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Dec-2015Ultrafast Spectroscopy with Photocurrent Detection: Watching Excitonic Optoelectronic Systems at WorkBakulin, AA; Silva, C; Vella, E
17-Nov-2015Structural, optical and charge generation properties of chalcostibite and tetrahedrite copper antimony sulfide thin films prepared from metal xanthatesRath, T; MacLachlan, AJ; Brown, MD; Hague, SA
3-Mar-2016Cross-linked single-walled carbon nanotube aerogel electrodes via reductive coupling chemistryDe Marco, MDM; Markoulidis, F; Menzel, R; Bawaked, S; Mokhtar, M, et al
15-Jan-2016Hybrid polymer/MOF membranes for Organic Solvent Nanofiltration (OSN): chemical modification and the quest for perfectionCampbell, J; Burgal, JDS; Szekely, G; Davies, RP; Braddock, DC, et al
15-Jun-2016Ag(I)-catalyzed C-H activation: the role of the Ag(I) salt in Pd/Ag mediated C-H arylation of electron-deficient arenesWhitaker, D; Burés, J; Larrosa, I
4-Mar-2016Photo- and electroluminescence of ambipolar, high-mobility, donor-acceptor polymersHeld, M; Zakharko, Y; Wang, M; Jakubka, F; Gannott, F, et al
14-Jul-2015Chemoproteomic Evaluation of the Polyacetylene Callyspongynic AcidNickel, S; Serwa, RA; Kaschani, F; Ninck, S; Zweerink, S, et al
12-Nov-2015Direct imaging of changes in aerosol particle viscosity upon hydration and chemical agingHosny, NA; Fitzgerald, C; Vysniauskas, A; Athanasiadis, A; Berkemeier, T, et al
6-Jul-2015Unravelling the effect of temperature on viscosity-sensitive fluorescent molecular rotorsVysniauskas, A; Qurashi, M; Gallop, N; Balaz, M; Anderson, HL, et al
18-Jul-2015Photochemical reaction paths of cis-dienes studied with RASSCF: the changing balance between ionic and covalent excited statesSantolini, V; Malhado, JP; Robb, MA; Garavelli, M; Bearpark, MJ