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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2016Using corrosion-like processes to remove poisons from electrocatalysts: a viable strategy to chemically regenerate irreversibly poisoned polymer electrolyte fuel cellsKucernak, ARJ; Kakati; Fahy, KF
4-Mar-2016Photo- and electroluminescence of ambipolar, high-mobility, donor-acceptor polymersHeld, M; Zakharko, Y; Wang, M; Jakubka, F; Gannott, F, et al
20-Jan-2016Azoniaspiro salts: towards bridging the gap between room-temperature ionic liquids and molten salts.Clough, MT; Geyer, K; Hunt, PA; McIntosh, AJ; Rowe, R, et al
28-Aug-2015Gadolinium-functionalised multi-walled carbon nanotubes as a T1 contrast agent for MRI cell labelling and trackingServant, A; Jacobs, I; Bussy, C; Fabbro, C; Da Ros, T, et al
3-Feb-2016Hierarchically porous carbon foams from pickering high internal phase emulsionsWoodward, RT; Fam, DWH; Anthony, DB; Hong, J; McDonald, TO, et al
12-Nov-2015NEXAFS Sensitivity to Bond Lengths in Complex Molecular Materials: A Study of Crystalline SaccharidesGainar, A; Stevens, JS; Jaye, C; Fischer, DA; Schroeder, SL
6-Jun-2016NEXAFS Chemical State and Bond Lengths of p-Aminobenzoic Acid in Solution and Solid StateStevens, JS; Gainar, A; Suljoti, E; Xiao, J; Golnak, R, et al
6-Jun-2016The Structure of p-Aminobenzoic Acid in Water: Studies Combining UV-Vis, NEXAFS and RIXS SpectroscopiesGainar, A; Stevens, JS; Suljoti, E; Xiao, J; Golnak, R, et al
31-Dec-2016NEXAFS and XPS of p-Aminobenzoic Acid Polymorphs: The Influence of Local EnvironmentStevens, JS; Gainar, A; Jaye, C; Fischer, DA; Schroeder, SLM
30-Oct-2015A Novel Alkylated Indacenodithieno[3,2-b]thiophene-based Polymer for High-performance Field Effect TransistorsHeeney, MJ; Han, Y; Fei, Z; McCulloch, I; Stingelin, N, et al