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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jul-2015Effects of alkyl chain positioning on conjugated polymer microstructure and field-effect mobilitiesSchroeder, BC; Nielsen, CB; Westacott, P; Smith, J; Rossbauer, S, et al
3-Feb-2016Organic/inorganic epitaxy: commensurate epitaxial growth of truxenone on Cu (111)Ramadan, AJ; Nielsen, CB; Holliday, S; Jones, TS; McCulloch, I, et al
22-Apr-2015Effect of fluorination of 2,1,3-benzothiadiazoleNielsen, CB; White, AJP; McCulloch, I; Commission of the European Communities; Commission of the European Communities, et al
12-Apr-2019Toward improved environmental stability of polymer:fullerene and polymer:non-fullerene organic solar cells: a common energetic origin of light and oxygen induced degradationSpeller, EM; Clarke, AJ; Aristidou, N; Wyatt, MF; Francàs, L, et al