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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2015Cystic Fibrosis gene therapy in the UK and elsewhereGriesenbach, U; Pytel, K; Alton, EWFW
26-Aug-2015Validation of the recording of acute exacerbations of COPD in the Clinical Practice Research DatalinkRothnie, KJ; Mullerova, H; Hurst, JR; Smeeth, L; Davis, K, et al
1-Dec-2014A New, Efficient Web-based Tool To Collect And Code Lifetime Job Histories In Large Population-based Studies: The Copd Project In The Uk Biobank CohortDe Matteis, S; Jarvis, D; Wheatley, M; Azhar, H; Young, A, et al
1-Dec-2014A New, Efficient Spirometry-based Algorithm To Predict Restrictive Lung Disease In Workplace Respiratory SurveillanceDe Matteis, S; Iridoy, AA; Cullinan, P
1-Mar-2011A Genome-Wide Association Study of Upper Aerodigestive Tract Cancers Conducted within the INHANCE ConsortiumMcKay, JD; Therese, T; Gaborieau, V; Chabrier, A; Chuang, S-C, et al
16-Nov-2012Can spirometric norms be set using pre- or post- bronchodilator test results in older people?Kato, B; Gulsvik, A; Vollmer, W; Janson, C; Studnika, M, et al