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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Mar-2015Pulmonary toxicity of instilled silver nanoparticles: influence of size, coating and rat strain.Seiffert, J; Hussain, F; Wiegman, C; Li, F; Bey, L, et al
17-Feb-2015Staphylococcus aureus adapts to oxidative stress by producing H2O2-resistant small colony variants via the SOS responsePainter, KL; Strange, E; Parkhill, J; Bamford, KB; Armstrong-James, D, et al
26-Aug-2015Linking electronic health records, patient-reported symptoms, and environmental data to characterise COPD exacerbations: a mixed-methods/interventional study nested in CPRDWorsley, E; Quint, J; Kousoulis, A; Chatzidiakou, L; Jones,, RL, et al
25-Jun-2015A Traditional Diet Is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Eczema and Wheeze in Colombian Children.Cepeda, AM; Del Giacco, SR; Villalba, S; Tapias, E; Jaller, R, et al
2-May-2015Predictors of microbial agents in dust and respiratory health in the EcrhsTischer, C; Zock, J-P; Valkonen, M; Doekes, G; Guerra, S, et al
2-Jun-2015Is There a Threshold Concentration of Cat Allergen Exposure on Respiratory Symptoms in Adults?Chen, C-M; Thiering, E; Zock, J-P; Villani, S; Olivieri, M, et al
18-Aug-1997Kinetics of eotaxin generation and its relationship to eosinophil accumulation in allergic airways disease: Analysis in a guinea pig model in vivoHumbles, AA; Conroy, DM; Marleau, S; Rankin, SM; Palframan, RT, et al
5-Jun-2013Genetic and Non-genetic Predictors of LINE-1 Methylation in Leukocyte DNA.Tajuddin, SM; Amaral, AF; Fernández, AF; Rodríguez-Rodero, S; Rodríguez, RM, et al
27-Mar-2014Metabolomics of asthmaAmaral, AFS
24-Dec-2014The locus C11orf30 increases susceptibility to poly-sensitisationAmaral, AFS; Minelli, C; Guerra, S; Wjst, M; Probst-Hensch, N, et al