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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012Defining critical roles for NF-?B p65 and type I interferon in innate immunity to rhinovirusBartlett, NW; Slater, L; Glanville, N; Haas, JJ; Caramori, G, et al
28-Sep-2015Acute Kidney Injury in stable COPD and at exacerbationBarakat, M; McDonald, H; Collier, T; Smeeth, L; Nitsch, D, et al
1-May-2010New loci associated with kidney function and chronic kidney disease.Köttgen, A; Pattaro, C; Böger, CA; Fuchsberger, C; Olden, M, et al
5-Nov-2015Changes in the incidence, prevalence and mortality of bronchiectasis in the UK from 2004 to 2013: a population based cohort studyQuint, JK; Millett, ERC; Joshi, M; Navaratnam, V; Thomas, SL, et al
5-Jan-2010Disordered microbial communities in asthmatic airways.Hilty, M; Burke, C; Pedro, H; Cardenas, P; Bush, A, et al
30-May-2013The impact of COPD on health status: findings from the BOLD studyJanson, C; Marks, G; Buist, S; Gnatiuc, L; Gislason, T, et al
1-Dec-2004HLA class-I and class-II allele frequencies and two-locus haplotypes in Melanesians of Vanuatu and New CaledoniaMaitland, K; Bunce, M; Harding, RM; Barnardo, MCNM; Clegg, JB, et al
23-Dec-2009Glutathione-S-transferase genes and asthma phenotypes: a Human Genome Epidemiology (HuGE) systematic review and meta-analysis including unpublished dataMinelli, C; Granell, R; Newson, R; Rose-Zerilli, MJ; Torrent, M, et al
3-Dec-2014Design of the randomized, controlled sequential staged treatment of emphysema with upper lobe predominance (STEP-UP) studyValipour, A; Herth, FJF; Eberhardt, R; Shah, PL; Gupta, A, et al
30-Nov-2004Gene expression profiling reveals novel TGF beta targets in adult lung fibroblastsRenzoni, EA; Abraham, DJ; Howat, S; Xu, SW; Sestini, P, et al