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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Dec-201621/2-player generalized reactivity (1) gamesRodriguez, N; Braberman, V; D'Ippolito, N; Uchitel, S
25-Jan-2016300 faces In-the-wild challenge: database and resultsSagonas, C; Antonakos, E; Tzimiropoulos, G; Zafeiriou, S; Pantic, M
21-Jul-20173D Face Morphable Models “In-the-Wild”Booth, J; Antonakos, E; Ploumpis, S; Trigeorgis, G; Panagakis, Y, et al
-3D Reconstruction in Canonical Co-ordinate Space from Arbitrarily Oriented 2D ImagesHou, B; Khanal, B; Alansary, A; McDonagh, S; Davidson, A, et al
1-Nov-20154D Blood Flow Reconstruction Over the Entire Ventricle From Wall Motion and Blood Velocity Derived From Ultrasound DataGomez, A; De Vecchi, A; Jantsch, M; Shi, W; Pushparajah, K, et al
26-Jun-2016A 3D Morphable Model learnt from 10,000 facesBooth, J; Roussos, A; Zafeiriou, S; Ponniah, A; Dunaway, D
1-Aug-2016A Bayesian Approach to Parameter Inference in Queueing NetworksWang, W; Casale, G; Sutton, C
1-Jan-2009A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for the Analysis of a Longitudinal Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Oncology StudySchmid, VJ; Whitcher, B; Padhani, AR; Taylor, NJ; Yang, G-Z
1-Sep-2015A bi-ventricular cardiac atlas built from 1000+ high resolution MR images of healthy subjects and an analysis of shape and motionBai, W; Shi, W; de Marvao, A; Dawes, TJW; O'Regan, DP, et al
9-Nov-2017A brief survey of deep reinforcement learningArulkumaran, K; Deisenroth, MP; Brundage, M; Bharath, AA
2-Mar-2016A Classification and Comparison Framework for Cloud Service Brokerage ArchitecturesFowley, F; Pahl, C; Jamshidi Dermani, P; Fang, D; Liu, X
1-Jan-2005A combined hardware-software architecture for network flow analysisYusuf, S; Luk, W; Sloman, M; Dulay, N; Lupu, EC, et al
1-Dec-2011A Combined Manifold Learning Analysis of Shape and Appearance to Characterize Neonatal Brain DevelopmentAljabar, P; Wolz, R; Srinivasan, L; Counsell, SJ; Rutherford, MA, et al
20-Jun-2011A compositional method for reliability analysis of workflows affected by multiple failure modesDistefano, S; Filieri, A; Ghezzi, C; Mirandola, R
31-Dec-2006A Computational Group Theoretic Symmetry Reduction Package for the Spin Model Checker.Donaldson, AF; Miller, A
1-Mar-2013A computational model for multi-variable differential calculusEdalat, A; Lieutier, A; Pattinson, D
1-Mar-2012A constraint sampling approach for multi-stage robust optimizationVayanos, P; Kuhn, D; Rustem, B
25-Jan-2015A Counter Abstraction Technique for the Verification of Robot Swarms.Lomuscio, AR; Kouvaros, P
15-Aug-2017A critical evaluation of spectrum-based fault localization techniques on a large-scale software systemKeller, F; Grunske, L; Heiden, S; Filieri, A; Van Hoorn, A, et al
12-Aug-2017A decade of imaging surgeons' brain function (Part I): terminology, techniques and clinical translationModi, HN; Singh, H; Yang, G; Darzi, A; Leff, D
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1471
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