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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2016Constrained Statistical Modelling of Knee Flexion from Multi-Pose Magnetic Resonance ImagingConstantinescu, MAM; Lee, S; Navkar, NV; Yu, W; Al-Rawas, S, et al
24-Mar-2017Real-time surgical tool tracking and pose estimation using a hybrid cylindrical marker.Zhang, L; Ye, M; Chan, PL; Yang, GZ
16-Sep-2011Disinfection of the Access Orifice in NOTES: Evaluation of the Evidence Base.Sodergren, MH; Pucher, P; Clark, J; James, DR; Sockett, J, et al
18-Dec-2014da Vinci robot-assisted keyhole neurosurgery: a cadaver study on feasibility and safetyMarcus, HJ; Hughes-Hallett, A; Cundy, TP; Yang, GZ; Darzi, A, et al
13-Apr-2015From Wearable Sensors to Smart Implants – Towards Pervasive and Personalised HealthcareAndreu Perez, J; Leff, D; Ip, H; Yang, GZ
25-Jun-2016Intra-operative simultaneous catheter and environment modelling for endovascular navigation based on intravascular ultrasound, electromagnetic tracking and pre-operative dataZhao, L; Giannarou, S; Lee, S; Merrifield, R; Yang, GZ
1-Jan-2015Multi-source motion decoupling ablation catheter guidance for electrophysiology proceduresConstantinescu, M; Lee, SL; Ernst, S; Yang, GZ
25-Jun-2016Stent graft shape instantiation for fenestrated endovascular aortic repairZhou, X; Yang, GZ; Riga, C; Lee, S
3-Feb-2016SCEM+: real-time robust simultaneous catheter and environment modeling for endovascular navigationZhao, L; Giannarou, S; Lee, S; Yang, GZ
21-Jul-2016Deep learning for human activity recognition: A resource efficient implementation on low-power devicesRavi, D; Wong, C; Lo, B; Yang, GZ